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Candice Swanepoel Stock Photos and Pictures African supermodel

Candice Susan Swanepoel is a South African supermodel, best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret. In 2012, she came in 10th on the Forbes top-earning models list. Swanepoel was born to Willem and Eileen Swanepoel and raised in Mooi River, South Africa, to an Afrikaner family of Dutch descent. She has one brother named Stephen. At age… Read More »

Best Of The Famous Female Fitness On Instagram

Fitness in population genetics models) is the quantitative representation of natural and sexual selection within evolutionary biology.   It can be defined either with respect to a genotype or to a phenotype in a given environment. In either case, it describes individual reproductive success and is equal to the average contribution to the gene pool of the next… Read More »

The Truth About Beauty 2017

Many of my friends were astonished that I disclosed the coveted gastronomy and lifestyle secrets of French women in my books. They’d probably be stunned to find out that I’m willing to share our beauty secrets as well! But here they are—the five beauty secrets that French women swear by: French women know that hydration is the key… Read More »

5 Features Women Want in Clothing

Is the bedroom closet your favorite room? Do you cultivate your wardrobe carefully, spending time and hard-earned money piecing together outfits? Clothing is a perfect way to express your unique personality and style, and the right look can help you shine inside and out. However, finding the most fashionable, well-fitting attire often makes shopping a chore. Whether wrap… Read More »

Septal perforation surgery cost +Video

Nasal Septum Repair/Septal Perforation Surgery/Rhinoplasty The nose is the most commonly injured facial bone. A fractured nose must be evaluated immediately for the presence of a septal hematoma (a large blot clot involving the nasal septum). If not drained promptly a septal hematoma may lead to infection, septal perforation, and long-term nasal deformity. If a perforation has developed… Read More »

Boiled egg diet lose 24 pounds in just 14 days

Lose 24 Pounds In Just 14 Days | Best Herbal Health If you want fast results for the weight, boiled eggs are the perfect food. Just few eggs, some veggies and some citric fruits are making this diet complete. It will speed up the metabolism and burn the fat. Also, you won’t feel hungry all the time. Home… Read More »