Days of Super Healthy Dinner Recipes

Easy fast healthy dinner recipes

Sometimes we promise to be balanced, but we do not always fulfill this promise. Every meal of the day is important, but highlight one of them because it affects the liver problems, insomnia and obesity: Dinner.

If you want to prepare healthy dinners, we will offer you a couple of very healthy dinner recommendations! Dinner is the last meal of the day. You should not go to bed with a blank or full full because it will be difficult to rest. Because you do not burn too much energy or calories at night, it is very important to eat your dinner early or lightly. When you eat too much at dinner or you consume

unhealthy food, your health can have several effects:

Insomnia, daytime fatigue

Swollen eyes or percentage fainting

Fluid uptake


More mucus when waking up from sleep

Liver, digestion, acid, gas and so on. problems

Long-term obesity or weight loss

When to Eat Dinner?

When you sleep to sleep, your body relaxes and allows cells to be renewed. According to traditional Chinese medicine, an organ defeats itself every hour. Especially,

  1. 23.00-01.00: gall bladder01.00-03.00: liver03.00-05.00: lungs

    05.00-07.00: large intestine

    07.00-09.00: stomach

    If you respect your biological clock, you should have absorbed your dinner at around 23.00 at the latest. Digestion occurs between 2 and 3 hours. So it is best to eat before evening eight.

What Is a Healthy Evening Dinner?

A balanced evening meal should include the following items:

Vegetables, preferably cooked. But if you are good at chewing and digesting, you can also consume raw vegetables.

For example, you can eat salad, especially when the weather is hot.

Low-fat protein: eggs, fish, legumes, wheat gluten, fresh cheese, yoghurt, nuts, mushrooms.

Little starch or cereal: cereal bread, pasta, brown rice, potatoes, bananas.

A small amount of healthy oil: vegetable oil, dried fruit, egg yolk, avocado., egg

  • What Should A Healthy Evening Meal Contain?Extreme starch or cereal products; They give excess energy to the body.Sugar and sugar products.

    Sweet fruit; They eat weight when they eat together with dinner.

    Citrus fruits such as orange or mandarin; They make sleep difficult.

    Plenty of juicy fruits like watermelon and melon; They make digestion difficult.

    Saturated fats (margarine, pastries, fries, red meat); Causing your liver and gallbladder to overwork.

    Excess salt; Causes fluid retention.

    Stimulating drinks like tea, coffee, cola.


  • Healthy Evening Meal RecommendationsVegetable roots, some oatmeal and boiled eggsSautéed vegetables with mushrooms and whole grain toast

    Natural yoghurt with a banana and a handful of nuts

    Vegetables and noodles soup and grilled fish

    Vegetable smoothie or tomato soup and omelet

    Fava and cooked pear

    Some vegetables with potatoes and chicken

    Fresh cheese and seeded salad

    Egyptian tortilla and guacamole (Mexican mezesi)

    Lentils, shredded carrots and a salad with mayonnaise.





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