Dry skin face

Skin Dryness

The skin that is most sensitive to skin care is dry skin, so those who have to pay attention to the skin most of the time, those who do not want to have scaling and wear due to excessive drying on their skin are also those who have dry skin structure. It is very important that dry-skinned people continuously use moisturizers or opt for alternative natural moisturizing masks.

Natural Masks for Dry Binders

At home you can find natural mask recipes for dry skin you can prepare yourself from below. These masks will provide intense moisture support for your dry skin and will prevent your skin from becoming dry.

Moist Mask for Dry Bindings

Our required materials; 2 sweet spoon olive oil, 2 sweet spoon honey and 1 egg yolk. First, take the egg yolk that you have separated from the white in a glass bowl and add honey and olive oil on it. Then apply it to your skin to cover the entire face and lower jaw part. Wait for 15 minutes at the end of the application and then rinse your skin with warm water.

Intensive Moist Mask for Dry Binders

The materials we need for this mask are 1 carrot and 1 egg flow. First, separate the yolk from the yolk and take it into a separate bowl, then mix it with egg whites by carving and grind it to the skin. Wait for about 20 minutes, and rinse your skin with warm water.

Banana and Milk Mask for Dry Binders

Another mask that can be used for dry skin is the moisturizing mask that comes in bananas and milk. We only need 1 banana and 1 serving spoon full fat soup as a material. First we slice the bananas finely and mash them with a fork. We add milk for a while by adding milk from behind and apply it before washing our mask before application. Wait for about 15 minutes and we end up with our skin in warm water.

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