Food for sport and exercise

Eat well for sport and exercise

What is known according to the survey, it is not a sport at 07.00 in the morning but a convenient time for breakfast. At 09.00 the body is strong and fit for the exhaust. The best time for sports is 16.00.

06.00 The organism is awakening with cortisone secretion. This wake up sign for the body to prepare yourself to stay up slowly. Metabolism is moving, energy and protein ready for day-to-day work.

07.00 The body is still weak. Avoid doing sports. The heart and the roaming are unnecessarily loaded. Breakfast instead of sports, digestion works perfectly at this hour.

08.00 Libidon’s highest hour. Hormone is secreted in excess. The same is true for smokers. Breakfast cigarettes are narrowing the veins much more than usual.

09.00 The time when the body is vigorous, strong. This is the right time if you have to pin for any disease. Side effects such as fever and swelling of the needle are rarely seen, the body is more resistant to X-rays. Life Fitness Academy Expert Dr says that if the time is created, the sport to be performed at these times is a time zone where high efficiency can be obtained without the heart.

10.00 The organizer’s self-esteem, ‘I am here’ is the time to say. Too energetic, the body is at the highest heat level. So are our productivity. ‘Short-term memory’ is in good condition. One important detail: infant events from 10.00 to 12.00 are common.’


11:00 A programmed watch to be productive in full form. The heart and circulation can be obsessed with a heart defect in examinations made so intense. Ready to answer the ceiling, especially calculations, mathematics homework is comfortable and well solved without difficulty.


12.00 Rest time. Attention is diminishing and the person is sleeping. The amount of ascetic acid is getting bigger, and the blood flow in his brain is decreasing. Because the blood is used by the stomach to support the digestive organs. According to statistics, infants with nocturnal sleep are 30% less likely to sleep.

13.00 The body falls from the form. Efficiency goes down to 20% of the day’s average. All the organs work at the lowest level, only the bile is digesting the lunch.

We become exhausted at 14.00. Because blood pressure and hormone levels are falling. The most convenient appointment time for dentists. Because at this hour the pain is felt less. Local anesthesia lasts for a long time (30 min).


15.00 Energy comes back, memory is in full form. The second period of productivity starts, but less than in the morning.
16.00 The best time for sports. Blood pressure and circulation are in very good condition. Life Fitness Academy Specialist DR says that these watches are the ideal period for those who do heavy workouts, not forcing the body.

17.00 The activity of the organs goes up to the top. The force is increasing, oxygen is being wasted, the kidneys and the bladder are working hard. When the nails and hair are the fastest. The amount of acid on the side is getting bigger. The risk of having stomach bleeding increases at 17.00.

18.00 The ideal time for dinner. The pancreas is particularly active at this hour.

19.00 Blood pressure and pulse are getting lazy. For this reason, attention to drugs that lower blood pressure, they can be dangerous. Antidepressants are also more active this hour.

20.00 The fat level in the liver is decreasing and the dirty blood is flowing more often than the heart. Those with allergies and asthmatics should take their medication this time. The effect is immediately visible. Even if the antibiotics are taken in small doses, the effects are at the highest level.


21.00 The daily task of the digestive organs is ending. Everything that comes in remains middled with indigestion and it is very dangerous. The remaining meals are attacking the intestinal mucosa.

22.00 The white blood cells that are the police of the body become active. Smokers pay attention! After this time, the body is making a lot of poisons like nicotine.

23.00 The organism stops the release of active hormone during the day. We relax and relax. According to experts, there is no problem in exercising late at night, but if you are lucky, you should complete your exercises 3 hours before.


24.00 While sleeping, the skin cells work without interruption, more often than when they are daytime. In the first dream phase, we are starting to dream in half an hour.

01.00 Yield is at the lowest level. At this hour, employees can make mistakes, attention is reduced because the body programs itself to sleep.

02.00 Note to the car users: The vision is getting weaker, the reactions are slowing, the accidents happen a lot at this time.

03.00 The body and the soul are the darkest stages. The secretion of the melatonin hormone is lazy and unstable. The number of suicides is getting bigger.

04.00 We are gaining energy from stress hormone. Infarctic crises are very common between 4 am and 6 am; Because the blood pressure is rising and the veins are stretching. These hours are the highest hours of birth at the same time.

05.00 Stress hormone is working on us and it is 6 times higher than the value of daytime. Our body moves into action, the lost energy comes back again.

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