Las Vegas gunman pictured dead on hotel room floor alongside weapons, camera and final note

High-powered guns, shell casings and two tripod-mounted weapons litter the room that Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock used as a sniper’s nest.

Inside room 32135 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, and near Paddock’s lifeless body, officers also found a paper and a pen on a table, suggesting he may have left a note.

The first pictures from the scene also reveal that Paddock, 64, had mounted a camera inside the room, possibly to film the slaughter, and at least one outside it on an abandoned room service trolley. Another camera was in the peep hole of the door.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo said: “I anticipate he was looking for anyone coming to arrest him.”

The pictures showed the door battered in with seven bullet holes near the base, where he had fired and hit an officer in the leg.

Weapons on the ground inside the hotel room where the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock stayed

Paddock was already dead when armed police blasted their way into his 32nd floor suite at the hotel at 10.24pm on Sunday night, ending a nine to 11-minute killing spree that left 59 dead and more than 500 injured. Police said he had shot himself.

One photograph from the scene shows Paddock lying in a pool of blood from a head wound among dozens of spent cartridge casings. A revolver lies near the body.

Fresh details about the massacre and the arsenal Paddock amassed emerged on Tuesday.

 A photo from inside the Mandalay Bay hotel room shows one of Paddock's guns

A total of 47 firearms were recovered from three locations searched by investigators – Paddock’s hotel suite, his home in Mesquite, and another property associated with him in Reno, Nevada, according to Jill Snyder, special agent for the US Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

Ms Snyder said 12 of the guns found in the hotel room were fitted with so-called bump-stock devices that allow the guns to be fired virtually as automatic weapons. The devices are legal under US law, even though fully automatic weapons are for the most part banned.

The rifles, shotguns and pistols were purchased in four states – Nevada, Utah, California and Texas – Snyder told reporters at an evening news conference.

Investigators sweeping the room found no fewer than 23 guns, including a Kalashnikov and AR-15 assault rifles, and a vast stockpile of  of military grade .223 calibre ammunition.


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